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Jason Harrell is a Berlin-based American photographer and visual artist. He studied Photography at City College of New York and Literature and Art History at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and Freie Universität in Berlin. Harrell has worked with several photo agencies and galleries, and has subsequently been exhibited in Berlin. He maintains a studio and darkroom in the borough of Neukölln

The seemingly magical ability of silver to record images from life has has interested Harrell since his youth. He is fascinated by the physical connection between subject and medium that is created by photons of light bouncing off of the subject and interacting with light-sensitive emulsions. This bond that fastens a photograph directly to the depicted motif is what pushes him to work with historic processes and methods. His goal when creating

images is more than just documenting the subject, he strives to create a new visual environment, a place where time has stopped. He attempts to uncover the dynamic between a modern location and it's historic past.

Harrell believes that that the value of a photo is generated by the craft of making pictures from start to finish by hand with raw materials, from cutting glass to mixing chemicals. He specialises in historic photographic techniques (wet plate collodion, silver gelatin dry plate, photogravure, carbon, albumen and gum printing, and cyanotype) in order to reestablish the link between a photograph and a handmade product. In an era of rising digitalisation, it is important to practice these traditional methods in order to maintain and preserve photographic history. While maintaining past traditions, Harrel thinks it is important to incorporate safer, more non-toxic and greener chemicals into his practice.

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