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Das Leben in Blau / Life in Blue

Fahrschule Galerie, Berlin • 17 April-17 May 2015

This is the first exhibition of Jason Harrell’s cyanotypes in Berlin. The title Leben in Blau - Life in Blue has been rough associtation to La Vie en Rose. Harrell started studying photography at City College in New York in the late 1990’s, before emigrating to Europe in 2001. In Amsterdam, he studied art history and literature. When he finally relocated to Berlin in 2008, he started working with cyanotypes, an alternative fine art photographic printing process developed by Sir John Herschel in 1842. The name cyanotype - cyan - refers to the blue tones created during the printing of the image. The cyanotype is the third stable method of photography developed to print photographs after the Daguerrotype and Talbotype,. Harrell says that the relative safety of this process is one of the reasons he chose this method of working, and that one doesn’t need to work in a darkroom to create the images. For his artistic work, the uniqueness of each print is another reason why he prefers making cyanotypes, each print has an expressionistic quality. The most important reason for choosing this medium is the handmade quality of the final image, something that is becoming more and more rare in recent times. Therefore, these pictures have a subtle and mysterious quality that actually leads the viewer back into the world of the beginnings of photographic history.

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